Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boy I Like My New Bike!

Well, good exercise is getting harder for me to get these days... and it's not just because I'm lazy!

You may not know that I'm legally disabled... according to the U.S. military and the State of California. My spine has fused itself at both ends, and I've had six knee operations resulting from a college triathlon injury.

I was, when in college I was a monster cyclist! But my triathlon knee injury was exacerbated by a series of automobile accidents where folks kept running into me (those wrecked my neck), and I couldn't ride any more. Then I took up surfing! But I had to stop that last year because it was bothering my neck.

Then I got to thinking... what about those recumbent bikes where you sit back, like you're on an easy chair!

So I started test-riding them at Richard's Bicycles, a terrific bike shop in our area that's great to work with. All of the recumbents were good on my spine issues, but the geometry of the RANS Stratus XP was also good on my knee! So I ordered one with an aluminum frame (aluminum frames are not only a little lighter, they're also stiffer so more of the pedaling energy is transferred to the wheels instead of being absorbed by a flexible frame).

I picked it up this week, and have already ridden it a bunch! I'll likely have more than fifty miles on it by the end of the weekend! Not bad for a guy who hasn't ridden in years! And my spine and knee are all feeling terrific!

Maybe this will help me get the exercise I should and keep me healthier. And the best part is-- it's fun!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Article on WiFi Stability & Other Tips Posted

I just posted a new article on WiFi stability and other tips I picked up while at Granger Community Church's IT Forum yesterday. You can download it in PDF format for free!

I'm Now on Twitter!

A couple of friends encouraged me to start Twittering. If you Twitter you can follow me: mbsnick.

Monday, September 15, 2008

'Tis the Season!

This week is the Church IT Roundtable at Granger Community Church! And then next month Seacoast Church hosts the official Church IT Roundtable! It's always a great time to share challenges and solutions-- I hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is a topic I don't usually talk about in forums like this because it can be so polarizing. But I must say that I'm pretty fed up with politics, and I don't think I'm alone. In fact, I changed my party affiliation this year in protest. I'm no longer tied to any party; in California it's called decline to state.

Here are a some of my observations:
  • Most politicians have lost nearly all interest in representing their constituencies and are now focused almost entirely on representing their political parties and their special interests. Evidence of this is in the details of every bill passed by congress at the state and federal levels. They always have myriads of provisions used to buy supporting votes; they never just address the issue they purport to address.
  • Most news broadcasters no longer report, they influence. I listened to the major speeches of both party conventions and was disgusted with those who tried to interpret what I just heard as though I couldn't figure it out for myself. Even worse was the obvious bias they displayed in doing so! It was not objective reporting in any way.
  • I was impressed by Obama's speech at his convention by his inspiring words. I was disappointed, though, when he made promises that no politician could ever accomplish! I've heard such promises before, and then heard politicians later say they didn't realize how complicated the issues were and how hard it is to move such a large bureaucracy. He was very inspiring, but I concluded that his promises were empty. Then I watched the Saddleback Civil Forum where he said one thing that I didn't like: faith-based organizations who accept federal funds will not be able to discriminate in their hiring based on religious beliefs. In the same forum, McCain said they need to be able to hire only those of like faith or their effectiveness will be severely compromised.
  • I was surprised as I listened to Palin's speech last night-- she is a strong player who reminded me a lot of Ronald Reagan. Then I got to thinking of the promise for change Obama made, realizing he hasn't done anything in the Senate yet that reached across party lines on our behalf... but McCain's done that so much that he's been a thorn to his party. Obama's running mate has been in the Senate for nearly 30 years, so he seems like part of the problem; McCain's running mate effectively shook up the politics of her state and likely has the character to do the same in Washington.
Well, I feel like a revolution of sorts needs to take place in our political system. Politicians need to rededicate themselves to serving their constituencies and not their parties and special interests. If that doesn't happen, the Democratic and Republican parties are doomed to be replaced.