Sunday, May 6, 2012

HTC Thunderbolt vs Motorola RazrMaxx

I switched to a Motorola RazrMaxx smartphone last week because I needed a better hotspot for when I'm away.  I'd been using a HTC Thunderbolt and liked it a lot, except that it was a very weak hotspot (acknowledged by HTC).  Here's a quick impression of the RazrMaxx compared to the Thunderbolt.
  • Size & weight are similar
  • RazrMaxx Weaknesses
    • The viewable image is unnecessarily narrow for the frame
    • Location of the Home button is unique
    • The Dock is not as nice
    • The Keyboard has smaller keys & no cursor keys
    • No kickstand
  • RazrMaxx Strengths
    • Great battery life
    • Hotspot performs well
    • Proximity Sensor turns screen off when phone is next to face
    • Double USB-port charger
I hope that helps you evaluate whether a change is in your future.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Article on How Studios Manage Media Files

I've been wanting to research how the movie studios manage their audio and video files for some time! I finally connected with someone I could interview (but not quote), and this article includes the surprising ways they manage this important task.

Click here to read a free advance copy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Okay, here's an admission most would never make. A few days ago, while handling my pellet rifle I grabbed it wrong and accidentally pulled the trigger when it was pointed at my foot! Yes, it was loaded! Yes, I shot myself in the foot!

Fortunately, I was wearing a shoe so the damage was only on the surface-- and a little below the surface; but not significant.

That was painful! And embarrassing! Even more embarrassing because I'm being so public about it!

I got to thinking, however, that this is the way many of us conduct various aspects of our lives. Without believing anything will ever go wrong and expose our foolishness, we:
  • Don't back up our data,
  • Drive on bald tires,
  • Work on running car engines,
  • Fix live electrical connections,
  • Sneak into places or actions that could ruin us,
  • Pilfer just a little at work, and more.
The problem is that those life-on-the-edge actions and attitudes almost always catch up with us. And when they do we're so embarrassed. And sometimes our life is wrecked with, at best, a long road of recovery.

In a book I recently read, The Principle of the Path, Andy Stanley does a great job of putting into perspective the principle that direction-- not intention-- determines our destination. It doesn't matter that we never intended to be known for a particular failure. When caught and the facts come to light, observers often say, "What was he thinking! Of course those actions would lead to that!"

I encourage you to consider what poor decisions you might be making, and the path they're taking you down. I have some in my life that I'm battling, and knowing that deciding to go in a different direction when tempted is all that's necessary is very helpful.