Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Tech Support Worth Bragging About!

In a previous blog I talked about how much my family and I love our Logitech Harmony Remote. well, the unthinkable happened just two months out of warranty: it stopped working. It was just dead.

I emailed Logitech's support and they ran me through a few tests to confirm what I already knew... the unit was completely brain dead. I asked what could be done, and told them I was just out of warranty by a couple of months. Their response was simple, "I think we can get you taken care of." When I asked what that meant, they would only say they were escalating me to the next level.

When I received a call the following day, I was told they were replacing my remote. Knowing I was out of warranty and legally without any basis to ask for anything, I thanked them as graciously as I could and waited.

The following week I got an email saying they considered the case closed. But I hadn't received anything from them yet, and responded accordingly.

A few days later-- today-- the replacement came. It's not a refurbished unit, and it's not just a part or two. It's a complete retail package with everything in it! And no RMA tag requiring me to package and return the old one!

Logitech gets it! They understand that they live and die by their reputation, and that a few dollars spent to satisfy a customer with reasonable expectations will go a long way towards helping them in the marketplace.

So if you've wondered whether or not you should spend the money on one of these programmable remotes that promote harmony in the home, please accept my encouragement to do so! Logitech has shown they're a company we want to do business with. They stand behind their products, even if they're a little out of warranty. (Are you paying attention Sony, Panasonic, and others? You can't compete with these guys!)